Project Description

Family Practice

Here at A Brighter Future Healthcare Services, we provide comprehensive, continuous care to patients of all ages.  Whether it’s at birth or through the ladder years of life, ABF, Inc. ensures each patient gets the best care while being treated in our facilities.  Our practice is often the first point of healthcare contact for new patients and when needed, we are often called to manage medical concerns that require input from various specialists.   The office staff here at A Brighter Future Healthcare Services, inc. is united in their passion for helping people stay healthy and live happier lifestyles.  There is a diverse population treated and the staff thrives in navigating many different roles.  Whether pediatrics or geriatric care, the aim at A Brighter Future Healthcare Services, Inc. is to provide the best patient experience! 

Meet our provider: Dr. April Gant.


Monday – Thursday 8:00a – 5:00p
Fridays 9:00a -3:00p
Weekends CLOSED

+1 910-321-6006